Post-construction type waterstop flexible joint systems

This is a post-construction waterstop flexible joint system for existing concrete structures where expandable rubber is secured in place to joint structure surfaces using anchor bolts and flanges.

■ Features
  • The shape of the rubber is able to conform to displacement, and fastening the expandable rubber and Span Seal using flanges, bolts, and nuts ensures water-tightness.
  • Layering specialized nylon textile fibers as a reinforcement core material in the central areas improves water pressure resistance characteristics, and also helps make for a lighter weight product while also minimizing damage in the event that any cracks or other faults do occur in the expandable rubber surface.
  • Specialized rubber with superior weather resistance characteristics is used for the base material.
    The EPDM type is a specialized material for use in waterworks facilities and conforms to the stipulations of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance No. 15.
■ Applications
Water treatment plant structures, utility tunnels, box culverts, underground passages, waterways