Waterproof crack inducer

Span Seal crack inducers

Span Seal Crack Inducer induces cracks which form in walls to form at designated positions and also provides waterproofing effects. Cracking frequently occurs in concrete structures due to temperatures changes resulting from hydration heat, outdoor air temperature, etc., and due to shrinkage, etc. resulting from drying, and measures are required to counteract this cracking in the construction and civil engineering fields.

■ Features
  • Simple attachment using binding wire.
  • High performance component structure provides outstanding crack induction.
  • The steel sheet surface is coated with Span Seal to provide waterproofing functionality.
Type A element
Installed in rebar cover areas mainly to provide rust proofing (waterproofing) functions for rebar and to induce cracking in face joint sections.
Type T element
Mainly used in balustrades and similar structures. Excellent workability also allows for it to be used in cross section transition points and levee crowns.
Type BL element
Installed inside concrete and used as a material for partial loss of area while also providing the same waterproofing functions as type A elements.