Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd.



Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd. President Masanori Hayakawa
Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded as a manufacturer of rubber footwear in Fukuyama in 1919. Thanks to your support, our company will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2019. Our company continued carrying out business as a rubber footwear manufacturer from the time of its founding until the period between 1965 and 1974 when we worked towards making a major change in our business based on reclaimed rubber, and expanded into water stop materials for civil engineering and waterproofing materials for construction roofing, home soundproofing materials, and industrial rubber products as well as UV curable paint and spacers for liquid crystal panel and other products. Overseas we have established a joint venture company in Thailand to provide products for the automotive industry. Overseas we have established a joint venture company in Thailand to provide products for the automotive industry. Recently we have also expended development into other new areas including radiation-proof rubber which retains high durability in even high radiation environments, as well as high performance adhesives used in liquid crystal displays for smartphones and other devices. At present, we are working to further upgrade and expand our business with a focus on “improvement”, “environment”, and “internationalization” in order to achieve the goals set forth in our new midterm management plant (which runs until December 2017) which began in January of 2015. Going forward, Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd. will continue to strive to apply the technologies we have cultivated since our founding to develop and provide products which can satisfy customers in a diverse range of fields. Thank you for your continued support.

President Masanori Hayakawa

Corporate philosophy


Flexibly and powerfully expanding for the future

Corporate ideal

To be a company where all employees are able to fulfill their expectations and experience a shared joy in their work

To provide the world with proposals relating to new value for comfortable environments focusing on water and sound
Proposals for new value
Our mission is to provide people with outstanding quality and proposals for the new types of value demanded by changing times.
Technology based proposal business
We strive to be a leading company for the early development and offering of creative and original products. We challenge new fields with original technologies for “controlling water”, “controlling sound and vibration”, and “creating safety and comfort”.

Management approach
Carry out management in a bold yet flexible manner which respects creativity and originality, and anticipates the needs of the times
Respect for creativity and originality
We establish an environment which maximizes employee individuality and capabilities in order to promote healthy development and growth. A top caliber environment not only helps promote the creation of the original technologies which are most important to a manufacturer, but also serves as a basis for cultivating outstanding personnel.
Anticipating the needs of the times
All of our employees practice strategic management where we put the customer first, and maintain a continual awareness of global needs while anticipating future trends.
Flexible and powerful management
We strive to carry out management which is able to boldly and flexibly respond to changes over time and which can grow together and share our successes with everyone involved with our country.

Action agenda
Move continuously forward by promoting freethinking and challenging ourselves on a global level
Move continuously forward
Challenge new goals through freethinking with enthusiasm and passion. We firmly believe that path to self-actualization is to never give up until you accomplish your goals
Challenging ourselves on a global level
We aim to challenge ourselves by consistently aiming to be at the top global level in everything we do.

Company profile

■Date of company establishment
March 1919
March 4, 1947
Paid-in capital
■No. of employees
360 (as of April 2017)
■Corporate officers
Masanori Hayakawa
Managing Director
Koji Ogawa (Director Operations Department, Director Tokyo Branch)
Managing Director
Kazuhiro Hayakawa (Director Administrative Department, Director Quality Assurance Office)
Managing Director
Koji Yokota (Director Management Strategy Office, Affiliate Company Supervisor)
Toshiaki Koyama (Supervisor Civil Engineer Waterproofing Materials Group, Construction Waterproofing Materials Group, Business Development Group)
Masanori Tanaka (Director Production Department, Assistant Director Technology Department, Affiliate Company Supervisor)
Shinya Shimada (Director Technology Department)
Shoji Kadota (Assistant Director Fine Chemicals Group/Technology Department, Supervisor Overseas Office)
Takahiro Murakami (Director General Affairs Department Administrative Department)
Fulltime Auditor
Masaaki Kiyonaga
Hiroaki Kurata
Annual volume
¥10,087,000,000 (Results for 2016)
Percentage of sales
■Major suppliers
Asahi Kasei Corporation, ADEKA CORPORATION, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Itochu Corporation, Jingo Co., Ltd., Elastomix Co., Ltd., Ouchi Shinko Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., Kurashiki Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Kurabo Industries Ltd., Koyaku Co., Ltd., Sanshin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., JFE Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd., JSR Corporation, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, Shizuoka Rekisei Kogyo Co., Ltd., Shimada & Co., Ltd., Shimizu Industry Co., Ltd., Shiraishi Calcium Kaisha, Ltd., Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., New Japan Chemical Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., Taiyo Vinyl Corporation, Takashima & Co., Ltd., DIC Corporation, TOLI Corporation, Tosoh Corporation, Tosoh Nikkemi Corporation, Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation, NOF Corporation, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Metal Products Co., Ltd., Zeon Corporation, Nomura Trading Co., Ltd., Maruishi Chemical Trading Co., Ltd., Mitsui Chemicals, Inc, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, Yasuhara Chemical Co., Ltd. (in Japanese phonetic order)
■Major customers
Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation, Asahi Kasei Reform Corporation, ATRYZ Yodogawa Co., Ltd., AMANO Co., Ltd., ARAO Co., Ltd., Alteche Co., Ltd., INOAC Corporation, Iwatani Corporation, Iwano Bussan Inc., ABC Trading Co., Ltd., Okabe Co., Ltd., Kataokaya Co., Ltd., Katecs Co., Ltd., Kyosho Co., Ltd., Cleanup Corporation, Koizumi Corporation, Kozatokizai Co. Ltd., GomunoInaki Co., Ltd., Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd., JFE Container Co., Ltd., Sumigomu Sangyou Ltd., Sumitomo Forestry Co. Ltd., Sekisui House, Ltd., Senrei Co., Ltd., Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., Tajima Bussan Co., Ltd., Tobishi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Toho Industrial Rubber Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Nakai Shoko Co., Ltd., Nagase & Co., Ltd., Natori Co., Ltd., NITTOH Co., Ltd., Nippon Kanzai Center Co., Ltd., Nippon Concrete Co., Ltd., Nihon Step Kogyo Co., Ltd., Negurosu Denko Co., Ltd., HICO Industrial (HK) Ltd., Hashimoto Sogyo Ltd., Hasegawa Sports Facilities Co., Ltd., PanaHome Corporation, Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd., Fujimen Corporation, Bridgestone KBG Co., Ltd., Protek Co., Ltd., Maeta Concrete Industry Ltd., Maruei Concrete Industry Co., Ltd., Mitsuihome Components Co., Ltd., Minegishi Co., Ltd., Yamatokenzai Co., Ltd., Unimat Life Corporation, Yoshidasangyo Corporation, Yoshida Kensetsu Kogyo Corporation, World-engineering Co., Watanabe Tokichi Honten, Watanabe Pipe Co., Ltd., Watahan Solutions Co., Ltd. (in Japanese phonetic order)
■Affiliate companies
Narumi Kogyo Co., Ltd. (direct factory)/ Hayakawa Eastern Rubber Co., Ltd. Joint Venture (HER)


March 1919
Founded by Kikuichi Hayakawa and began manufacture and sales of rubber footwear
March 1936
Established partnership company Hayakawa Gomu Seizosho with ¥60,000 capital
June 1937
Began manufacture and sales of reclaimed rubber
March 1947
Established Hayakawa Gomu Kogyo Co., Ltd. with Hayakawa Gomu Seizosho partnership company as its parent organization
December 1953
Merged Hayakawa Gomu Kogyo Co., Ltd. with Hayakawa Gomu Seizosho, renamed the resulting company Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd. and increased capital to ¥8,000,000
May 1961
Began manufacture and sales of industrial rubber products
May 1963
Began manufacture and sales of leather shoes
March 1965
Closed Rubber Footwear Export Department
May 1967
Began manufacture and sales of sheet waterproofing materials (Santac Roof) and concrete pour joint waterproofing materials (SPAN SEAL)
July 1970
Began manufacture and sales of bowling balls
bowling balls
October 1971
Closed Rubber Footwear Department
October 1972
Began manufacture and sales of golf balls
golf balls
March 1973
Began manufacture and sales of rubber flooring material for golf courses
April 1973
Began full-scale sales of Venson golf balls, golf shoes, golf gloves, and other golf goods
March 1974
Began manufacture of automobile floor mats
floor mats
June 1976
Obtained Japanese Industrial Standards JIS display authorization (No. 676006 Sheet Waterproofing Materials)
August 1976
National Santac Waterproofing Business Association formed and later reorganized into the National Santac Waterproofing Business Cooperative
June 1979
Capital increased to ¥100,000,000
October 1979
Established patent rights related to “waterproofing composites” (In Japan, U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and West Germany)
May 1980
Increased capital to ¥240,000,000 through third-party allotment to Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Corporation and other investors
July 1982
Allocated ¥40,000,000 in new shares to third parties through stock divide in August to increase capital to ¥308,000,000
August 1982
Sold 2-7 Matsuhamacho Factory No. 1 (15,321.81 m2) to the Fukuyama City Land Development Public Corporation as a result of application of the Land Expropriation Act for the Fukuyama City Hall Relocation Plan
August 1983
Purchased land in Minamioka, Minoshima-cho, Fukuyama City (site area 132,015 m2)
September 1984
Completed primary construction on Minoshima Factory (Factory Building 3)
September 1986
Began manufacture and sales of Santac Floor L55 vibration dampening material
Santac Floor
May 1987
Began manufacture and sales of Santac Cap
Santac Cap
July 1988
Began manufacture and sales of UV curable paint material
October 1989
Began manufacture and sales of Polymeric plasticizer PVC waterproof sheets (Santac IB)
Santac IB
October 1989
Increased capital to ¥397,586,000
March 1990
Construction of head office, technology building, and public welfare building completed at Minoshima Factory
April 1990
Relocated Head Office from 2-1-32 Matsuhamacho, Fukuyama City to 5351 Minamioka, Minoshima-cho, Fukuyama City and repurposed as the Head Office / Minoshima Factory
Minoshima Factory
May 1990
Obtained Japanese Industrial Standards JIS display authorization (No. 690006 Synthetic Polymer Roofing)
December 1991
Increased capital to ¥426,836,000
August 1992
Began manufacture and sales of piping soundproofing materials
piping soundproofing materials
December 1993
Began manufacture and sales of Santac Flexible Joints
Flexible Joints
May 1994
Began manufacture and sales of Santac SPAN SEAL CRACK INDUCER
September 1994
Increased capital to ¥494,336,000
January 1996
Established Hayakawa Eastern Rubber Co., Ltd. Joint Venture
hayakawa eastern rubber
July 1998
Completed anechoic chamber at Minoshima Factory
September 2006
Began manufacture and sales of radiation-proof rubber
radiation-proof rubber
July 2007
Obtained Japanese Industrial Standards JIS Revised Industrial Standardization display authorization (Certification No. TC0607013 Synthetic Polymer Roofing)
December 2010
Completed construction on HB3 particle building
June 2012
Expanded Santac IB3 line
January 2015
Established Sendai Office


■Head Office / Minoshima Factory Fukuyama Office

5351 Minamioka, Minoshima-cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima, 721-8540

■Matsuhama Factory

3-1-1 Matsuhamacho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima, 720-8640

■Tokyo Office

1-16-10 Saga, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0031

■Osaka Office

12-8 Hiroshiba-cho, Suita, Osaka, 564-0052

■Sendai Office

No. 310, Oroshimachi Saiki Bldg., 5-2-10 Oroshi-machi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 984-0015

■Nagoya Office

Chubu Shikaku Bldg., 1-2-22 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 460-0003

■Fukuoka Office

1st Fl., No. 2 Matsuwaka Bldg., 1-18-6 Shimizu, Minami-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka, 815-0031