To provide the world with proposals relating to new value for comfortable environments focusing on water and sound
Proposals for new value
Our mission is to provide people with outstanding quality and proposals for the new types of value demanded by changing times.
Technology based proposal business
We strive to be a leading company for the early development and offering of creative and original products. We challenge new fields with original technologies for “controlling water”, “controlling sound and vibration”, and “creating safety and comfort”.
Management approach
Carry out management in a bold yet flexible manner which respects creativity and originality, and anticipates the needs of the times
Respect for creativity and originality
We establish an environment which maximizes employee individuality and capabilities in order to promote healthy development and growth. A top caliber environment not only helps promote the creation of the original technologies which are most important to a manufacturer, but also serves as a basis for cultivating outstanding personnel.
Anticipating the needs of the times
All of our employees practice strategic management where we put the customer first, and maintain a continual awareness of global needs while anticipating future trends.
Flexible and powerful management
We strive to carry out management which is able to boldly and flexibly respond to changes over time and which can grow together and share our successes with everyone involved with our country.
Action agenda
Move continuously forward by promoting freethinking and challenging ourselves on a global level
Move continuously forward
Challenge new goals through freethinking with enthusiasm and passion. We firmly believe that path to self-actualization is to never give up until you accomplish your goals
Challenging ourselves on a global level
We aim to challenge ourselves by consistently aiming to be at the top global level in everything we do.