Radiation shielding

Rubber shielding

●Material numbers: GlOOT B075TE B050TE B030TE B090R The 2000 Series is our company’s unique non-lead based radioactive shielding comprised of a fine metal powder distributed in a special rubber composition.
This unique composition design succeeds in maintaining the flexibility of rubber which also provides high density. The absence of lead in the composition eliminates the environmental impact and harmful effects on the human body.
■ Applications
  • X-ray inspection and analysis equipment
  • Radiotherapy equipment
  • Atomic power equipment
  • Treatment of radioactive waste products and decontamination
  • Safety of personnel working in radioactive environments
■ Effects of nearby radiation sources on the human body ■ What is radioactive shielding?
Radiation loses energy in collisions with electrons. Electrons are displaced from their orbits within the atom when they collide with radiation (recoil electrons). Energy is reduced by the amount consumed in displacement of the electrons (scattered radiation). This phenomenon is referred to as the Compton Effect, or Compton Scattering. Radiation can be blocked using the Compton Effect. Since radiation shielding is a function of electrons, the shielding effect is increased in materials with a large number of electrons, in other words, materials of high density.