Double sided Adhesive Tape for Laser Bonding

Santac LB sheet

Santac LB Sheet is structured by Special adhesive and substrate. The elastomer melts with heat (especially, by irradiating Laser) and pressure, and gives the excellent characterization.

■ Features
  • High-bond Strength
  • Santac LB sheet is about twice the bond strength of standard tapes.

  • Water-proof
  • It covers the bumpy surfaces and prevents water from coming in, because adhesive layer and special substrate is soft.

  • Impact Resistance
  • Original structure absorbs the drop impact and damps the vibration.

■ Application
  • Bonding panel to housing (Adds narrow bezel design)
  • Bonding battery to housing and pull-rework
  • Bonding BLU to LCD
■ Attachment method
  • Laser with pressure
  • Hot press
  • Compression press