UV cured Mask


■ 特長
  • This is a solvent-free mask material that is for screen printing.
  • Closely adhere to Glass/Plastic (PMMA, PET, PBT, etc.) and Metal (Aluminum, SUS304, etc.).
  • It is possible to make thick masking layer. The cured layer has rubber elasticity, so it performs excellent blasting resistance.
  • Available to be used for both Sandblast and Wet blast, and it has excellent fine drawing.
  • It can be easily peeled off by using hot water. *Depending on the conditions, it is possible to peel off only by hand without hot water.
■ Application
  • HAYATONE MB is a UV curable resin for protecting Glass, Plastic, and Metal at the Sandblast process.
■ Characteristics
Adhesion test
No peeling
No peeling
Cellophane tape peeling, angle: 45 degrees
Peeling(Hot water)
After UV cured, soak in hot water and check peeling by hand.

◎:It was easily peeled off. Large residues are not left, and can be wiped off with fingers.

● Cure condition
  High-pressure mercury lamp: Integral UV light intensity ;350mJ/cm2, Thickness: 100um
  e.g.: High-pressure mercury lamp, 120W/cm・unit, Distance 200mm, Conveyor speed 8m/min, 3 passes

● Peeling condition
  Soaking in hot water at 80℃ ⇒ check that it comes off easily with fingers

*Workability: “Reducer AL” It is a reducer to be appropriate viscosity at screen printing process.
*The above figures and conditions are our measurement values, not standard values. Please use it as a guide.