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Overview of waterproofing systems for civil engineering materials

In the civil engineering field, we have created applied development products including “crack inducers” using “Span Seal”, which is reactively adhesive with concrete and is used as a joint waterproofing material for below grade concrete structures, as a base; a variety of water proofing systems such as “Santac Flexible Joints”, which are capable of withstanding uneven settling and earthquake displacement, and “Santac Cap” for sewage applications; and are also strengthening our product lineup and have great expectations for development in a variety of fields including the radiation resistant rubber and repair markets.


Products for new construction

Soundproofing, vibration dampening, sound isolation overview

Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd. is fully equipped with a wide range of advanced acoustic testing equipment. We utilize this equipment in the development of soundproofing materials which can shut out problematic noise and vibration inside housing, factories, offices, automobiles, boats, trains and other environments.


●Used on walls to provide soundproofing between indoors and outdoors or between rooms

●Soundproof door

●Sink noise control

●Soundproofing for karaoke and similar applications

●Noise control for air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.

●Soundproof boxes

●Noise control for toilet and other drainage pipes


●Acoustic isolation of soundproof rooms

●Noise control for OA equipment

●Noise control for gratings

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industrial materials, and industrial goods

Rubber flooring material

Functional materials overview

The Fine Chemicals Group was launched as a new initiative in 2015 to integrate functional particles and UV products, as well as the functional adhesives that have launched in recent years. The Fine Chemicals Group carries out design and development of products through original, innovative, and flexible thinking for special applications and needs. The Fine Chemicals Group integrates technologies for production of particles with sharp particle size distributions, technologies for reforming surfaces to suit applications using the produced particles, technologies for photo polymerization to adjust performance to suit requirements, and technologies for blending adhesives, in order to fulfill customer needs.

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Functional particles

UV products

Functional adhesive materials