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Sandblasting protective sheet

Sandblasting protective sheet

Santac S/Santac CS
Sandblasting protective sheet


  • A rubber sheet with excellent cuttability.
  • Excellent blast resistance.
  • Excellent adhesiveness even in the winter.
  • Sheets are available in a white color (Santac S) for easily text readability and a bright green color (Santac CS).
  • Can be securely fixed to gravestones and then easily removed after sandblasting without damaging the mica.
  • A 10 mm square ruled grid is printed on the release liner, allowing for easier sizing.
Santac S
Santac CS


  • Gravestone sandblasting protective sheets
  • Faceplate protective sheets
  • Nameplate protective sheets
  • Glass etching protective sheets

■Product structure

Product structure

■Product standards

910 mm (width) × 10 m roll length

S 0.7 ㎜ 1.0 ㎜ 1.5 ㎜
CS 0.7 ㎜ 1.0 ㎜ 1.5 ㎜