Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd.



Environmental Management

-Environmental Philosophy-

Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd. actively works to maintain balance with the natural environment through its business activities in order to contribute to environmental preservation, which is an issue shared by the entire human race.

-Environmental Policy-

As a base for the design, development, and production of rubber products, the Head Office / Minoshima Factory implements the following environmental activities in order to maintain sustainable economic growth. Our company sets environmental objectives and targets to the greatest degree possible both technically and economically for all of our company products and business activities which have an impact of the global environment, and continually strives to improve out environmental preservation activities through pollution prevention and periodic review of environmental management systems.
1. Our company abides by all legal, regulatory, agreement, and other environmental related requirements in addition to carrying out management in accordance with a set of voluntary standards.

2. We focus on the following improvements when setting objectives and targets and carrying out reviews.
①Reduction of waste from all production processes
②Reduction of energy usage for the entire facility
③Reduction of paper usage amounts for the entire facility
④Reduction of noise generated from all production processes
⑤Design and development of environmentally conscious products

3. Training and education is implemented for all employees at this location in order to increase the level of employee environmental awareness.

4. This environmental policy is thoroughly explained to all facility employees and is also available to the general public and can be provided in writing upon request.

March 18, 2003 President Masanori Hayakawa

Quality Management

-Quality Policy-

Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd. (Chemical Products and Civil Engineering Group, Fine Chemicals Group) continually strives to improve product quality and our quality management systems in order to provide customers with products that can satisfy and be trusted by customers.

ISO Certification History

August 2017
ISO14001:2015 certified (Head Office / Minoshima Factory)
March 2017
ISO9001:2015 certified (Fine Chemicals Group Head Office / Minoshima Factory)
December 2016
ISO9001:2015 certified (Chemical Products Civil Engineering Group Head Office / Minoshima Factory, Matsuhama Factory)
March 2010
SO9001:2008 certified (Particle Group Head Office / Minoshima Factory)
December 2009
ISO9001:2008 certified (Chemical Products Civil Engineering Group Head Office / Minoshima Factory, Matsuhama Factory)
March 2007
ISO9001:2000 certified (Liquid Crystal Panel Spacer Group Head Office / Minoshima Factory)
August 2003
ISO14001:2004 certified (Head Office / Minoshima Factory)
October 2002
ISO14001:1996 certified (Head Office / Minoshima Factory)
December 2001
IISO9001:2000 certified (Chemical Products and Civil Engineering Group Head Office / Minoshima Factory, Matsuhama Factory)